Solenostemon 'COLEUS'

Care Fertilise plants in warmer months to maintain good growth, pinch tips to encourage bushiness.  Remove any flowers and buds that develop as these detract from the highest colour in the foliage.
Common names Coral Ruffles
Flowers Yes, 
Flower description Insignificant.
Foliage Fringed ruffled variegated foliage.
Growth 50cm (h) x 40cm (w)
Growth rate Fast
Habit Compact shrub.
Origin Central Africa and right through into Indonesia.
Position Full Sun / Part Shade
Pot size 140mm Pots.
Soil type Good Drainage, water when needed in dry periods.  All general garden loams are suitable.
Uses Tropical gardens, mixed garden and garden tubs.
Solenostemon 'COLEUS' 'Golden Dreams'
Solenostemon 'COLEUS' 'Copper Ruffles'
Solenostemon 'COLEUS' 'Golden Ruffles'
Solenostemon 'COLEUS' 'Goth Glam'
Solenostemon 'COLEUS' 'Rediculous'
Solenostemon 'COLEUS' 'Torchlight'