Schefflera 'Madame De Smet'

Care Very adaptable to most conditions water well during dry periods.  When planted as a hedge, trimming will be needed two or three times a year during the warmer months. Protect from frost. Fertilise in spring and early autumn.
Common names Australian Fan Flower
Flowers No
Flower description None
Foliage Green and Cream variegated foliage.
Growth 2mtr (h) x 1mtr (w)
Growth rate Medium
Habit Compact evergreen shrub.
Origin Native to the tropics and subtropics, mainly Australia and the Pacific Islands.
Position Full Sun / Part Shade
Pot size 180mm Pot.
Soil type Good drainage required in garden beds and use a premium potting mix for containers.
Uses Tropical Gardens, small hedges, specimen plant in garden beds or container pots.