Care Be cautious when watering, especially during the winter, better to err on the dry side. Watering is usually a matter of personal judgment. I water my snake plants whenever they seem to need it, about every 2-3 weeks.
Common names Compact Mother-Inlaws-Tongue or Snake Plant.
Flowers Primarily used as foliage plants but when conditions suit them Sansevierias will burst suddenly and unexpectedly into glorious bloom.
Flower description Insignificant.
Foliage Evergreen perennial plant, colours are green and silver vertical stripe, green / silver strip with lime green edging and silver.
Growth 50cm (h) x 30cm (w)
Growth rate Medium
Habit Thick leathery sword shaped leaves emerge from a central rosette to form clumps with age.
Origin Native to West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo
Position Full Sun / Indoor Filtered Light.
Pot size 200mm Pots.
Soil type Good potting soil as they are not very demanding. Sansevierias are very “succulent“; “heavy plants” which hold lots of water in their leaves. It is often recommended to create a “heavy soil” by amending the potting mix with some sand.
Uses These plants make great houseplants due to their versatility in both size and growing conditions.  Indoor planter boxes, patio pots, gardens.
Sansevieria 'Compact Green'
Sansevieria 'Compact Varigata'
Sansevieria 'Silbersee'