Radermachera 'Summerscent'

Care Drought tolerant once established in ground, humidity tolerant, and frost tender when immature, generally pretty hardy.
Common names Summerscent
Flowers Yes, flowering late spring, summer and early winter.
Flower description Large heads of bell shaped flowers, which are light pink with a gold throat and are pleasantly fragrant.
Foliage The lush glossy deep green foliage has larger and somewhat lighter green leaflets than Radermachera sinica.
Growth 1.5 to 3mtr (h) x 2 to 3mtr (w)
Growth rate Fast
Habit Has a dense, shrubby habit, typically attaining a compact 2-3m height and spread.
Origin South China
Position Full Sun
Pot size 200mm & 300mm Pots.
Soil type In a pot use a premium well drained potting mix. In ground, it requires a well-drained soil that is moist.
Uses Makes beautiful dense screens, beautifully shaped hedges, formal topiary shapes, magnificent street trees, is brilliant indoors and makes superb pot features.