Care They are easy care and drought tolerant and attract few pests or diseases. Mulch to conserve moisture but keep mulch away from the stems. Prune plants heavily after flowering and lightly tip prune the shooting bush to encourage branching, which will produce more flower heads.
Common names Australian Rice Flower
Flowers Yes, Winter through to Spring.
Flower description A mass of small rice shaped paper like flowers in shades of pinks, red & white.
Foliage Green fern like foliage.
Growth 2mtr (h) x 2mtr (w)
Growth rate Fast
Habit Compact evergreen shrub, with longer flowering periods.
Origin Native to Eastern Australia.
Position Full Sun
Pot size 180mm Pots
Soil type Most well draining soils
Uses Mass planted in gardens, containers used as hedges and dry flower arrangements.
Ozothamnus 'Coral Flush'
Ozothamnus 'Jush Blush'
Ozothamnus 'Red Gingham'
Ozothamnus 'Springtime White'
Ozothamnus 'Winter White'