Nemesia 'SUNSATIA'

Care Do not allow potting mix or soil to dry out. But avoid over-watering in order to prevent fungal disease in hot, humid weather. Regular light applications of liquid fertiliser will encourage blooming. Trim older flowers back to foliage to encourage branching and a longer flowering season.
Common names Nemesia
Flowers Yes, flowering constantly from Spring to late Autumn.
Flower description The flowers are two-lipped, with the upper lip consisting of four lobes and the lower lip two lobes they come in a mixture of bright colours.
Foliage Green foliage, producing tall spikes of flowers.
Growth 25cm (h) x 30cm (w)
Growth rate Fast
Habit They produce more flowers, larger blooms and flower for a longer period and plants have a greater vigour and an excellent branching habit.
Origin South Africa / trialled in South East Queensland.
Position Full Sun 
Pot size 140mm Pots.
Soil type Good drainage required, use a premium potting mix for containers.
Uses Sunsatias™ are ideal for container gardening, to provide stunning floral accents in a large pot or in hanging baskets in the patio and courtyard. 
Nemesia 'SUNSATIA' 'Anona'
Nemesia 'SUNSATIA' 'Blood Orange'
Nemesia 'SUNSATIA' 'Granada'
Nemesia 'SUNSATIA' 'Lychee'
Nemesia 'SUNSATIA' 'Pera'
Nemesia 'SUNSATIA' 'Quince'
Nemesia 'SUNSATIA' 'Raspberry'