Care Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden. Ensure crown or base of plant is not below soil or mulch level. If required use slow release fertiliser in spring.
Common names Spiny head, mat-rush.
Flowers Yes, produces small yellow flowers in spring.
Flower description Leaf bases are broad with yellow, orange or brownish margins and the tips of the leaves are prominently toothed.
Foliage Glossy dark green leaves.
Growth very in height depending on variety.
Growth rate Fast
Habit Strong clumping upright leaves.
Origin Australian native.
Position Full Sun or part shade.
Pot size 140mm Pot.
Soil type Use a premium potting mix for containers, making sure it’s in a well-drained pot.
Uses Great for mass planting in landscape, or as boarders.
Lomandra 'Lime Tuft'
Lomandra 'Lime Wave'
Lomandra 'Verday'