Care Hoya is not fussy; given filtered sun indoors or out, with a good half day of direct sun, flowers should appear soon after acquisition.
Common names Hoya; wax plant.
Flowers Yes, Spring.
Flower description Small clusters of velvety, star-shaped flowers emerge from tight, waxy buds.
Foliage Glossy, pointed leaves cling to slender vines.
Growth 50cm (h) x 6mtr (w)
Growth rate Slow
Habit Compact evergreen shrub, with longer flowering periods.
Origin India, China & Australia.
Position Filtered Sun Indoors or Out.
Pot size 180mm Hangers.
Soil type  Standard potting soil is sufficient, and allow it to become nearly dry between waterings.
Uses Houseplant in colder climates; may be used on the patio as a tropical accent.
Hoya 'Purple Pride'
Hoya 'Krimson Princess'
Hoya 'Krimson Queen'