Grevillea 'Dorothy Gordon'

Care Watering is not generally a problem once established. In dry periods give good deep watering occasionally. Mulch well to conserve moisture and keep the surrounding soils cool.
Common Name Dorothy Gordon
Flowers Yes, for most of the year.
Flower description Burgundy coloured flowers with pink highlights.
Foliage The foliage is fern like, showy green coloured with bronze new tips as the plants grow. 
Growth 3mtr (h) x 2mtr (w)
Growth rate Fast
Habit Large compact shrub which bears the usual nectar laden blooms for most of the year.
Origin Australian Native
Position Full Sun
Pot size 180mm Pots.
Soil Will grow in most soil types as long as it has good drainage.
Uses Flowers can be used in floral arrangements, hedging, commercial gardens.