Ficus 'Green Island'

Care Mulch and water with a seaweed based fertiliser on planting to reduce transplant shock, regular watering until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. Prune regularly to help maintain a tidy growth habit. Apply a slow release fertiliser twice yearly and protect from frost.
Common names Wax Fig
Foliage Dense round glossy foliage, little cream-red berries.
Growth 1mt(h) x 1mt(w)
Growth rate Medium
Habit Compact growing fig.
Origin The Green Island Fig has confusing origins and many synonyms. The parent plant (F. microcarpa) has a wide distribution, from India, China, SE Asia and Australia.
Position Full Sun / Part Shade
Pot size 200mm Pot
Soil type Well drained premium soil.
Uses Perfect for uses such as containers for indoor/outdoor or patio planting, bonsai,coastal hedges & ground cover.