Chrysocephalum 'Desert Flame'

Care Easy care, low maintenance. Prune when plant is looking tied and use a slow release fertiliser periodically to keep plant growing well.
Common names Yellow Buttons
Flowers Yes, all year round.
Flower description Masses of tiny yellow button flowers.
Foliage Silver Leaves .
Growth 15 - 20cm (h) x 40 - 50cm (w)
Growth rate Fast
Habit Described as decumbent which means stems lie flat along the ground with the tips which bear the flowers turning upwards to a height of 15cm.
Origin SAustralian Native / Breed by Dr Kerry Bunker.
Position Full Sun
Pot size 140mm Pots.
Soil type Potted plants required a potting mix with good humus content, will grow in most soil types making sure you mulch well.
Uses Cottage gardens, boarders, containers, combination pots and hangers.